About Peter Sachs

Peter Sachs | sachs.netI’ve been an attorney in Connecticut since 1994 (Quinnipiac University School of Law); a licensed private investigator (CT, NY, MA, RI) since 2003, a photographer since I was 14, a member of my town's volunteer fire department since 2010, an FAA-licensed commercial helicopter pilot and advanced ground instructor since 1983, a “drone” pilot, (I fly a DJI Phantom 3 Professional), a geek, a muckraker and a polymath.

As a quick Google search will show, I've been involved in a number of matters that have generated news coverage and discussion worldwide. I have been a vocal critic of the FAA and have been advocating for commercial and non-hobbyist use since 2013, and I will continue to do so. To that end, I founded the Drone Pilots Association, to represent the interests of commercial and non-hobbyist drone pilots.

I am also a "hobby lobbyist," (meaning I don't get paid). I involve myself in the legislative process, as any citizen may do. I do a lot of advising, writing and testifying before legislative bodies.

Media Appearances:

The Branford, CT drone flight over a fire in a quarry, a large blaze burning in close proximity to explosives. This was the first use ever of a drone in firefighting decision-making. Our department now has several drones:

The Hartford, CT journalist, who was questioned by police, who then complained to his employer about his flying 150' above a car accident.

DJI produced this promotional piece on my drone flight with the Branford Fire Department, at the January 2014 Quarry & Explosives Fire:

I was honored to address DJI's worldwide audience, at the launch of its Phantom 3 in April 2015:

My personal site is sachs.net and I can be reached via email at peter@dronelawjournal.com.