Leaked: Latest Summary of Part 107

I obtained a copy of the May 2016 version of the FAA’s “Summary of Major Provisions Under 14 CFR 107,” which reveals some changes that have been made to the originally proposed NPRM. Note that this is a May 2016 Summary, and that there might have been further changes made to the NPRM since the publication date of this document.

  • The minimum age for a Remote Pilot in Command is now 16-years-old;
  • The maximum altitude has been changed to 400 feet AGL;
  • There is a read, speak, write and understand English requirement; and
  • Current Part 61 manned aircraft certificate holders will only have to take and pass an online test (see screenshot below).

Current-Pilots-Online-ExamThe prior (February 2015) version of this Summary is posted publicly online here.

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