Coming Soon: A “New” Drone Law Journal

In the upcoming months, the NPRM is expected to become final. At that time, and for the first time ever, there will be actual codified FAA regulations applicable to drones. Since 2013, this site has expressed the fact that (with very limited exceptions), there have been no currently enforceable federal statutes or regulations regarding drones that apply to the general public.

Upon finalization of the NPRM, this will no longer be the case. However, even after the rules are final there will remain many legal issues, such as what they mean and how to comply. There will be cases brought and interpretations made. There are and will continue to be state statues and local ordinances that raise issues. In short, the legality of drone operations will not be entirely settled simply because the the NPRM is final.

This is why Drone Law Journal will transform from the single page that it is, to posts about these legal issues. I have also invited a number of prominent individuals in the “drone world” to be occasional contributors to the site, so that the reader can benefit from their unique knowledge and experience.

I look forward to providing you with interesting and useful information about drone law from this point forward. If you wish to be alerted whenever there are new articles posted, subscribe in the column to the right.

In the meantime, here is the page you are used to seeing.